Matthew Porter, Business Coach

As a Professional Certified Coach, with many years of commercial experience, I can help you achieve greater freedom and abundance – whilst staying authentic and true to who you are.

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Coaching Services are offered in person, in workshops and by zoom call

  • Business Coaching & Strategy
  • Balanced Personal & Professional Horizons 
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Business Model Design
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Bespoke Commercial & Consulting Services


Lets start a conversation, schedule a call here

Matthew Porter, Professional Certified Coach

Matthew’s business experience coupled with his unique style of coaching really helped me to explore areas of my business in which I felt ‘stuck’. His holistic approach and careful and thoughtful questioning encouraged me to consider options, possibilities and different ways to tackle these business challenges. I would thoroughly recommend Matthew as a coach.

Helen Round

Founder, Helen Round Textiles

If you need a business coach, THIS IS YOUR MAN! Matthew has been invaluable to EMMO Energy, and me personally as it’s Director! Over the last few months, he has coached our small renewable energy company to finish or second year strong. We could never have imagined that in short space of time we could have doubled our turnover and increased our profit margin by 27%. His insight, coaching, and contribution coupled with his personable approach and great character turned a bleak mid-year period into a focused and enjoyable few months of heavy growth and success. A huge thank you to Matthew for the opportunity to work together.

Ellie Williams

Director, EMMO Energy

Matthew has coached our small group of directors over a number of years, both 1:1 and as a team. His skill is to create the right environment to help us work things out for ourselves. He is a great listener, asks pertinent questions, and his insights are always spot-on. He has made a big difference to us.

John Miller

Director , MARK Product Ltd

Matthew brings insight and experience to a coaching relationship that has enabled me to move beyond my perceived limitations and recognise my strengths. He has taught me how to overcome the fear of the unknown and I am now able to tackle every problem I face with confidence.  Matt has given me the mental resources to keep on top of the workload and manage each challenge as it arises. Every session has been tailored to my needs with Matt adapting his coaching techniques to fit in with our focus – Matt has an approach that, most crucially, allows me to figure out how to proceed. I have no doubt at all that I wouldn’t have the business I have today without Matt. Every Start Up needs somebody to drive things forward and he has helped me to become that driving force.  I cannot speak highly enough of his skills, wisdom and encouragement.

Charity Wilson

Founder, Mappix

It’s been a real pleasure having Matthew as coach. Aside, from being a fantastic communicator, he has been instrumental in growing me personally as a leader, through allowing me to develop clarity & structure with immediate effect. I look forward to each coaching session. I personally have never felt better at what I do, and Matthew continues to challenge me to strive again and again. A real talent. Thanks Matthew.

Dan Parker

Director, Firetext Communications

Matthew is a strong force behind a quiet front. I know from my own experiences that people tend to underestimate quiet people yet his ability to make sense of our complex problems, and present them back simply to us, is a fairly unique quality that has added much clarity, purpose and direction to our business. He is a great asset to any business.

Robert Woolf

Director, Made Open